Simple Design Changes To Help Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rates

As reflected by Fireclick Index (as of the date in which we wrote this article,) the global conversion rate is 2.9% – and conversion is the most coveted feat in e-commerce. Companies battle ad nauseam to be the chosen ones by web users, and arduously invest their financial, time and intellectual resources to find new ways of increasing web traffic. But once you have your potential customer on your website, how can you seal the deal and get them to convert? Solutions may lie in simple changes you can make to your website to give your visitor a better experience, and thus increase the probability of turning them into a happy, buying customer:


Use images that inspire positive feelings


Images are powerful, and yes, often times they’re worth a thousand words. A study published by the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics found that subjects who were shown advertisements with logical persuasion showed greater brain activity than those who were shown emotional or “non-rational influence” advertisements, but the latter showed less activity in the areas of the brain that help us inhibit response to stimuli, concluding that the emotional ads were more impactful. One of the most effective ways in which you can engage customers is by showing them an image that helps them see the positive effects that your product or service could have on them. For example, if you sell audio equipment, you can show someone blissfully enjoying the auditory stimuli your product brings.


Put your contact information in the header


Make your customer service approachable and accessible to your customers. Display your phone number at the top of your page, and a live chat option if your company has it, to let your customer know that you are real, accountable, and willing to offer your support. Instead of turning away and “x-ing” you out, they may actually reach out to you if they hit a bump on the road during their shopping experience.


Add social proof to your page


Displaying some of the testimonials from your satisfied customers on your website is a personal touch that could drive e-commerce conversion, as exemplified by the WikiJob case study. This site made a small, yet significant change to their layout: they moved 3 very simple, yet positive testimonials from the bottom of their page to a higher position. As a result, the business saw a 34% conversion rate increase.


Put a face to your products


If it applies to your business, display the faces of the creators of the products or services you sell. Medalia Art, a New York-based online art dealer, saw their conversion rates sky rocket to an astounding 95% increase in conversions during their A/B testing when they changed the pictures of paintings to the pictures of their authors in their galleries homepage.


Display a clear value proposition


Tell your prospect from the get-go why they should buy from you. Let them know why your company and your product are unique, and communicate it effectively on your website as a top banner or headline.


Create simple calls to action


Make it easy for your customer to navigate your website and take actions such as view, buy, and subscribe. If you’re concerned about your site’s loading time, you can create light buttons using PureCSS.


Display your badges and awards


Be sure to exhibit your achievements in your website, perhaps in your headers and footers where they’re easily seen. The Bag Servant Case Study conducted by Visual Website Optimizer showed that when replacing the business’s Twitter Followers icon by a recognition badge awarded to them by a renowned business woman, the business saw a web conversion rate increase of 72.05%.


We encourage you to try out these design changes and test the results using services such as Google Analytics. Remember that it will take constant modifications, but through trial and error, you will be able to find your own innovative conversion rate fit. Let us know about what has and hasn’t worked for you as you go, we’re eager to hear!

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