How to Create Winning Mobile Marketing

You see them everywhere – you might be one of them yourself: people walking down the street, sitting at a coffee shop, waiting at the checkout line… all clicking away on their smartphones. Are some of these people potential customers, and is their phone your window to their lives? If so, how do you really reach them?


Mobile marketing has become the now thing, with a myriad of what’s next possibilities within it. Whether you’re already on board with the mobile opportunity or you’re giving some thought to it, it’s important to be aware of that in this field, visionand strategy is everything. Knowing your objective and using demonstrable and efficient ways to create ROI are key elements to becoming yet another business success story in the mobile marketing arena.


Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your mobile marketing:


Create a customer database


Customers who come through your doors or have been in contact with you somehow have a granted interest in your product. Build a database so you can reach them – if you choose so, through SMS or MMS, offering them sales, special events, and offers that can be redeemed in-store using a coupon or code; the latter easily identifies the source of customer interest, making attribution traceable.


If you have an app, consider tracking your customers’ activity and customizing your offers based on their preferences. Catering to their specific needs will make them feel cared for, and increase the likelihood of their return.


Be innovative and diverse in your approach


Highly successful mobile campaigns have had an edge of inventiveness that has set them apart from the many ads and push notifications customers are exposed to daily. Observe the many mobile possibilities today’s technology is offering you, and create a winning combination that works for you.


The success story of Taco Bell’s US based mobile campaigning is an example of just how much you can do with what’s available in the mobile field: advertising in the right channels to the right audience (Pandora and the millennials were it for them,) allowing customers to set preferences for SMS push notifications, one-click email sharing options for customers’ friends to join them in their Happier Hour, geolocation use for notifications, and coupons offered through SMS and MMS – all of these were ingeniously weaved to constantly generate a significant ROI from mobile-attributed revenue.


Despite the reluctance of some to get on board with geolocation due to its still-developing accuracy, a sensible solution wouldn’t be to completely abandon it, but rather to have it as part of a more comprehensive strategy that relies on various sources for customer targeting. Geolocation can be one of the factors in your unique equation for revenue increase.


Give value to mobile users


Your customer wants to feel cared for and respected. As they trust you with their contact information, so you should deliver messages that are relevant and rewarding. Call-to-action initiatives are great for creating foot traffic and generating ROI; you not only want to put your name in your customer’s mind, you want to create excitement for what’s in store for them and take action to claim their reward.


You can use the paintbrush of a mobile device and mix in the many avenues available, and paint an invitation for your customers that they’ll actually feel glad to attend. Be mindful, there is an art to it.


Be mindful of that successful campaigns need not be costly, yet they need to be smart. A great example of this principle is Verizon’s QR code initiative (Verizon is a Mobile Phone service provider in the US): store customers that scanned a QR code were linked to a Facebook competition where If one of their Facebook friends brought a Verizon phone, the original customer would get a free smartphone. This promotion generated $35,000 in revenue in merely one week, increasing smartphone sales by 200%. This tremendous result was created with a $1000 investment.


Bold and innovative mobile marketing can be successful, if the cards are played correctly. If you do step into the mobile arena, we encourage you to keep these points in mind. Give some thought to how you can bring your unique moves into your initiatives and create a winning convo – welook forward to hearing your customers’ echoing satisfaction.

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