How To Put Together A Professional LinkedIn Page For Your Company

LinkedIn is a great social network for businesses to promote their services and widen their audience, as they build a professional relationship with clients and prospects and actively exchange information. If you’re looking to build a presence for your company on LinkedIn but don’t know where to begin, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to set it up so you can begin your LinkedIn journey.


  1. Enter your company’s information


If you haven’t joined LinkedIn, do so by entering your personal information in the registration form on the LinkedIn homepage. Once you’re logged in, click on “Interests” at the top of your homepage and select “Companies.”


On the right, click on “Create” in “Create a Company Page.”




Enter the name and email address of your company, and click “Continue.”




You will now be able to enter a detailed description about your company. This is an opportunity for you to use your individual voice, and set your company apart from the rest. Aside from mentioning your services and specialties, you can write a few sentences about what makes your business unique, and what your mission and vision statement are. Engaging your audience not only professionally but also emotionally can help you create a relationship where their interest is well-founded, and give those new to your company a positive and lasting first impression. A great example is AppleOne’s LinkedIn company description and overview, which covers everything from their trajectory and distinction, to their core values and specialties.


  1. Upload your Logo and Banner


A LinkedIn page without a logo or profile picture and banner is much like a blank business card, so these are key elements to choose thoughtfully. The logo you choose will be displayed in users’ search results as well as your profile, and the banner or background image will be displayed on your company page. We encourage you to use this part of your profile to its fullest potential, as it’s an opportunity to convey a message through the power of visuals.


Your logo must meet the standard dimensions of 100 x 60 pixels, so make sure to resize it before uploading it. You should also upload a 50 x 50 logo image that will appear in your posts and status updates, and be sure to use high quality images.


The next step is an exciting one, as you’ll be able to choose a background image that will set the tone for your page. Fortunately, you need not be a graphic design wizard to create your own image: great websites such as help you create a personalized, professional-looking banner at no cost:




After signing up on, click on “Create a design” and on the right hand upper corner click on “Use custom dimensions” and set the dimensions to 646 x 220 pixels to create your image. From here, the possibilities are endless: you can use your banner to inspire, promote, share insights, sell. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to put in your banner, look at some ideas for a great LinkedIn banner that might get your creative juices flowing!


  1. Post content on your page


Now that you’ve set up your company’s LinkedIn page, you can begin to post profile updates. Keep in mind that unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional, workplace-oriented network. A great advantage of LinkedIn is that as a business, you will find like-minded users who can relate to your experience and who share an interest for growth and industry insight. Post content that is relevant to your audience and aim not so much to sell, but rather to start a thought-provoking conversation and create meaningful connections.

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