8 Features In Google That Make Your Life Easier That You Probably Aren’t Using

  1. Google Flights and Destinations on Google


Booking flights and planning out a vacation has never been so easy. Google Flights can help you compare and book flights on the go, finding the cheapest airfares for you. And by simply typing the city, country or even continent, and adding “destinations” on the Google search bar, you will access Destinations on Google for a list of spots and activities based on your interests, budget, and trip date. If you’re looking to save time and money, this easy-to-use search feature will also provide you with the best times to visit each suggestion listed, and the most affordable flights and hotels available.


  1. Google Keep


This great Google application allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas dynamically; use notes, lists, audio and picture files to remember or plan simple tasks such as grocery shopping, or more elaborate events such as parties, meetings, or brainstorming for your next big project.


  1. Google Public Data Explorer


This is a great public data search engine compiling graphs and statistics from legitimate international organizations and academic institutions from around the globe. You can create personalized visualizations of your findings and share them with others, and the charts and links you create can update automatically to display the latest available data.


  1. Indoor Maps


Next time you find yourself lost at the Sydney International Airport terminal, take a deep breath and rejoice, for Google Maps can help you navigate the great indoors, too. Even though this feature is only available in selected locations, you can access thousands of floor plans and more are being added continously.


  1. Google Sync


By logging into your Gmail account with your iOS or Android, you can sync all your contacts’ names, phone numbers, email addresses and other important information stored on your Gmail account, on to your mobile device. Continuing to store your new contacts on your Gmail account will also prevent you from losing your growing contact list, in case you happen to misplace or break your phone.


  1. Google Docs


If you’re not using it already, you might be surprised to find the versatility of this Google feature. Create documents and modify them with a pretty wide selection of formatting tools, and use a varied array of templates if you need them.


  1. Google Sheets


Create sharp and easy spreadsheets using this feature. Add charts and graphs aided by built-in formulas and pivot tables, and use templates to organize your data.


  1. Google Slides


This presentation wizard can help you create fantastic slides from a wide variety of templates. Add themes, fonts, animations, music and images and access your work from any location.

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