5 Proof Elements You Can Add To Your Site To Enhance Your Business’s Online Credibility

When you build your website you think about elements such as visual appeal, richness of content and user-friendliness. But, do you think of these in terms of the trustworthiness and reliance they must inspire? Because your website allows your potential customers to catch a glimpse of who you are before they take the leap, it is imperative that its elements transmit the care, reliability and respect that you stand for. If you’re looking to enhance your business’s online credibility, here are 5 ways in which you can do so:


Display your awards, recognitions, and mentions in the press


As time goes by, your company may begin to be recognized by authorities in your industry and the press. Be sure to exhibit your achievements in your website, perhaps in your headers and footers, or adding an awards section in your “About Us” or creating a “Credentials” segment.


Make your website secure


If your website accepts online payments, make sure that it is PCI compliant to build customer trust when handing you their information. We encourage you to display its logo on your website after you have followed the compliance process.


A way to give your customers the confidence in that their information is secure is by securing your server with a secure sockets layer, or SSL. This security protocol encrypts information between the web server and the browser, protecting any sensitive information that’s exchanged online. Be sure to clearly inform your customer that your website has SSL encryption, so they feel more comfortable to make a transaction.


Share customers’ testimonials


An important part of reinforcing your online reputation is creating a space where customers can share their experience with your company. Ask some of your satisfied customers with whom you have established a trusting relationship for their testimonial, and showcase it in your website. This is a personal touch that could drive e-commerce conversion, as exemplified by the WikiJob case study. This site made a small, yet significant change to their layout: they moved 3 very simple, yet positive testimonials from the bottom of their page to a higher position. As a result, the business saw a 34% conversion rate increase.


Make your contact information visible


Clearly display your email, phone number, and alternative ways to connect with your business (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). If your website allows your customers to look at your products and make online purchases, make yourself available during their shopping process through live customer support chat, or create an “Email Us” option that’s readily available to users. This will allow your customers to reach out to you instead of turning away if they face any hurdles when purchasing from you.


Be mindful of your overall grammar and spelling


Proper grammar and spelling is a reflection of the time and thoughtfulness you have put into the content of your site, and a conscientious customer knows this. According to a survey conducted by Global Lingo, out of 1,029 UK adults who were interviewed about their online habits, 74% stated that they take note of a website’s spelling and grammar, 59% wouldn’t do business with a company with obvious spelling and grammar mistakes in its site, and 82% wouldn’t trust a website that didn’t translate its content into English properly with their information. As you can see, spelling and grammar is crucial when building online trust with your clients, so be mindful of it’s importance. We kid – Its!

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