How to Build Confidence for Public Speaking

As an entrepreneur, you will encounter public speaking one way or another: in staff meetings, selling your product in presentations with current or potential clients, and even in impromptu interactions with small groups. How comfortable do you feel when speaking to a larger audience?


Presenting your thoughts and ideas with confidence is a key element in your business. However, the ability to do so is dampened by a fear of public speaking that is more common than you’d think: according to a survey conducted in behalf of the presentation provider Prezi, out of 1000 Australian business owners and executives surveyed, 23.9% reported to be scared of embarrassing themselves when giving a presentation, 28.4% were afraid of boring their audience, and 22.7% said they worried about not being able to convey their message. An astounding 20% said they would do anything to avoid giving a presentation, including lying about their health, even though they were aware of that it could affect their reputation. Surprisingly enough, even though over 86% of business owners and chief executives believed that presentation skills are important for their career development and success, 30% of them didn’t spend time cultivating their public speaking skills.


An audience will often equate competence with confidence, and if you want to succeed in your industry, selling yourself short when presenting your ideas is not an option. Therefore, here are 3 tips to enhance your public speaking skills so your presentations will match your brilliance:


1) Prepare and practice


Knowing what you want to say and why you want to say it will help you deliver your message with confidence. Ask yourself who your audience is, what matters to them, how much they know about what you’re about to present, and how much more they need to know for you to accomplish the goal of your message. Being clear on these points will help you to develop content fit for your audience, and be able to deliver it within the time you have.


Persistence in the practice of speeches and presentations is key in voice training and confidence-building. Practicing the content of your presentation by yourself gives you the freedom to use pockets of time throughout the day with flexibility and helps you exercise your memory. However, also try practicing with colleagues, family members and friends, so they can give you feedback on your message and how you presented yourself.


2) Check your body


Before you enter a situation where you’ll have to speak in front of an audience, take a few minutes to be present to your body. Is your heart pounding fast? Are your hands sweaty? Do you feel fidgety? Remind yourself that you have the power to regain control over your body, and practice deep breathing. Deep breathing can help you slow down your heartbeat and bring oxygen into your brain, so you will feel calmer and collected. Relax your muscles, and allow your mind to settle. Once you’re grounded you can practice preparatory power posing, which according to a study published by Harvard, can enhance presentation quality and allow you to better maintain your composure, project more confidence, and present more captivating and enthusiastic speeches during a high-stakes social evaluation.


An interesting Ted Talk on body language given by social psychologist Amy Cuddy can give you some insight on how your gesture and postures can influence how others perceive you.


3) Connect with your audience


If you’re in a small group and you find it appropriate, try to greet every member individually. If the group is too big, create a space before your presentation to introduce yourself and acknowledge their presence with a light heart. The establishment of a genuine connection between you and your audience serves you as a reminder of that, just like you, they’re human. During your speech keep eye contact with individuals in the crowd, and be selective about it: as you speak, you will notice some faces who show interest and open-ness to your message, and inevitably, some who don’t. Identify those who reflect interest in what you’re saying and make eye contact with them at different points, and avoid making eye contact with those who display signs of disinterest. A fascinating study published by the US National Library of Medicine found that individuals who felt anxious about public speaking had a tendency to identify threatening elements (such as bored or disdainful faces in a crowd) faster than individuals who felt generally confident with public speaking. However, after a single session of an attention modification program that trained the socially anxious participants to focus on neutral (as opposed to disgusted) faces in the crowd, the participants showed a significantly lower level of anxiety and performed better than those who weren’t trained and paid more attention to the disgusted faces. Controlling your focus is key in how you will feel throughout your presentation, so become aware of the positive social signals that the audience is giving you (such as a smiling face or a face that’s showing interest.) As you practice this more and more, you will train yourself to become more receptive to positive facial cues.


The most important thing to remember is that no matter where you are in your public speaking you will always make some mistakes, and you can always get better. We invite you to practice these skills and let us know in the comments how they helped you – because we’re confident they will make you more confident.


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    • I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

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    • I’m about to do a piece on Mr. Rogers but thought it prudent to read up on what other people had to say about him first, I’m happy I did. I may not be a the most wholesome person out there, I employ a vulgar vernacular from time to time and may discuss less than ‘neighborly’ subject matter but I’ve learned that as long as I sincerely try to understand and care for others, always trying to do no harm, then I can still be a good person. I learned that from him. Happy to hear of another good deed he has done for someone else, that’s just awesome that he wrote you back.

    • Bellissime, in particolare quella col guantone in primo piano. C’e (già) dentro tutto il dramma del pugile… Toccanti. Alla storia della lampada da tasca non ci crede nessuno comunque….

    • which god? the one who makes the grass green…..regarding public speaking, i never script mine becaue i can never predict the internal states of my audiences before hand. once i`m there they set the tone. besides, 3×5 cards break the flow….

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    • Religion shouldnt be considered for special attention in the work place. Too bad if Sat is church day. If you are required to work than thats what you do, if not there are plenty of ppl that would love to have that job that wont demand special treatment for their belief system.

    • That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

    • I just wish the unions would stop screwing up the traffic in downtown Madison…those of us that have jobs, that we actually have to go to, like to shop nearby…but I'm not going anywhere near the Square. You can smell that place all the way down University Ave!

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    • Bruce and Elizabeth, our hearts go out to you. We will pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of your mother and will pray that God will provide peace, strength and comfort to you.Cris, Jeff and David Cox

    • Such a great post….we all need to hear this. It’s so easy to pass judgement on others even when you know hardly anything about them. Thank you for this, it was definetely an encouragement and challenge to keep giving people more grace Briony´s last blog post..

    • alessandro75 Puel va rester, c’est une bonne pioche pour creuser une tombe et comme l’OL n’est pas loin du cimetière avec le nouveau projet de stade, c’est tout bénéf !

    • Hi PritiI really missed out on this lovely event you had hosted.. I was traveling and just got to know about it really late..I had made a rakhi cake especially for the occasion.The round up looks lovely..

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    • Don’t misread me, btw. Merah would have been dead when I finished my first cigarette.He would not have told police anything they could not find out for themselves. And the pig would have had a forum to spew more of his crap–either directly to the Press or through his legal defense team. Sorry that Ayesha Gaddafi won’t get another payday, though. But them’s the breaks.

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    • It's been allowed to happen because you all do not show up. These judges can make their decisions in private— no media– no angry crowd. SHOW UP IN Tallahassee!!!!!!

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    • I remember my mom saying all the time, “unless there is blood figure it out yourselves” I haven’t asked her if it worked at all but now that I am older I can see if backfiring. Greg and I were ruthless to each other growing up and there are some “interesting” stories. I’d like to think of us as amazing friends now and I don’t know what the turnaround was. God speed!!

    • No. selvisihän se Astridin oikea vaalipiiri, hyvä!Husein Muhammed taitaa olla ensi vuona ehdokkaana myös Helsingissä. Kumpikohan saa enemmän ääniä, Astrid vai Husein?

    • Finally! This is just what I was looking for.

    • Jan07Veena This is my favourite blog post of yours, Niki. Its beautiful.It is a shock tactic, but not one that is easily ignored, and shouldnt be either. Positive reactions like the ones we have been seeing on twitter makes this whole thing a lot easier to bear. Feel less angry with people and intolerance when all around you , on fb and twitter, people are in solidarity with you on what is wrong and what is right. And this was clearly, so , so wrong.

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    • "Walking egos don't believe in the forces of history and don't understand that before people vote, they don't check commercials, they check their wallets."I sincerely pray to god that you are right in saying that. I am constantly amazed at the level of irrational fanatical faith of those who desperately wish to believe in the victim-oppressor formulation spewed by the DemocRAts/Libs. The continual stream of "you're a victim" propaganda does have its effect on those who need to believe their personal failures are caused by mysterious, invidious others.

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    • marc authier. Two years ago was the first time I’d read anything about goldman sachs. But they seemed intertwined with some things so i followed their exploits. And holy maloney are they involved with everything. And on the very corrupt side of everything. Maybe they were just never spanked as kids and didn’t realize what was right or wrong.

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    • Was that the Iraq war approved by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vice President Joe Biden? And directed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates? I forget.Hope and change!

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    • Amazing that the Hurley’s would suck up to Hill and RU. What did RU ever do for them? RU fired Danny as an assistant and during his playing days at the Hall the RU players were either instructed or decided on their own to try to take him out and injure him during games. Yeah, suck up to RU but ignore your alma mater that stuck by you in tough times.

    • c83 – Exactly what I wanted to say about Abhishek, HR and mostly about Akki.Please do not compare Akki with Abhishek. The former is way more talented, has potential, ability to do well! Just needs to choose the right scripts…The latter with any script will f**k it up! As in the case of Raavan vs Raavanan!Abhishek ruined it while Vikram lived it up!

    • I thank you humbly for sharing your wisdom JJWY

    • Especially we Jews have always seen "a better education"as the optimum for our children. Society absorbed this Jewish ideal but turned it into idol worshipping by not seeing that the mind should reach up to a higher level to master the knowledge rather than the education stoop down to all, independent of their ability, of those that strive for it.

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    • I am a Villa fan living in Valencia Area, the pull of playing in Spain for Carlos will be too much to resist. I would like him to stay but he will be in valencia come summer.

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    • Shannon, I could just cry. I have a space that everyone puts everything into (by everyone I mean me, myself and I…and, occasionally the old boy). It has gone from neat and organized to a mess again. The worst part is I have out of town guests coming in a couple of weeks and would like to have it done for then. I don't think it's gonna happen. Good for you, girl, that you are getting it done- xo Diana

    • Yes, we used stakes-n-string. I like those rows neat and straight! I’ll try and get some photos of the tomatoes once we get a second or third row of twine strung.The spot where we have the garden is an old homestead, surrounded by acres of flat fields that are planted this year in corn. The urban sprawl hasn’t quite reached the farm just yet, but it isn’t far away. It is just a couple of miles from I-164.

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    • Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

    • Please keep throwing these posts up they help tons.

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    • Since you miss him, I think it might be worth another session to get some clarity. Who knows what might come of it? If you don’t talk about it, you won’t ever know what happened.

    • Hilarious! So you’re still in Bali, right? I’m currently in Sanur, escaping the crowd. Guess I’m some sort of escape artist too. Can’t wait for the calendar! Just submitted my photo yesterday, there’s no turning back now…

    • Tusen takk for gode tips!Jeg har puslet med samme sak de siste dagene, og trengte litt ekstra inspirasjon. MÃ¥ ut Ã¥ kjøpe mer stryke-papir i morgen!! ;o)Ønsker deg en fin fin fredag, og ei riktig god helg!! Titti-klæmm!

    • Ah, eu gosto da anterior, mas não sei o que achar. Eu acho que não gosto muito dessa porque é meio recente e meio que por todas as minhas lembranças com amigos no starbucks estarem associadas a marca antiga.Mas não acho que ficou ruim, só disse que a anterior me tras uma nostalgia bacana!E nós só vimos o logo, não a identidade.

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    • Doesn't sound like the reactor itself is damaged. The explosion was most likely hydrogen gas build up. The reactors were shut down well before the explosion so it was not a meltdown. Not Chernobyl 2. Yet.

    • Hey, subtle must be your middle name. Great post!

    • Wow, your post makes mine look feeble. More power to you!

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    • Information is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

    • A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

    • Super jazzed about getting that know-how.

    • Thanks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!

    • Deep thinking – adds a new dimension to it all.

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    • I hope your glowing jellyroll “puffies” turned out great! I took a look in your shop, and you have some cool stuff. Nice to meet you, Ms. Sparkles!

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    • Essa das direcções e da base é mesmo trotsquista: um gajo é bom até ser eleito para qualquer coisa. No PCP, meu caro, uns e outros são O PARTIDO!

    • Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

    • Oh, what a drole troll you are ee. The kind of flash mob you get off on is the one that blows up Palestinian children. Yeah, that will entertain you and your IDF chums.

    • And to think I was going to talk to someone in person about this.

    • I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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    • hey Bella – thanks for your interest! at the moment, all i have are print editions, which are free – if you want one then email me a postal address and i’ll ship one out! i hope to make the pdf available soon. dave

    • That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

    • A sud, a sud, non ci sono dubbi, concordo con Silvana anche se in questo momento se qui si scoppia li si bolle, però è un altro mondo, forse un pochino più a misura di uomo di come siamo diventati qui pieni di scarpe a punta…Adelina consola facendo qui queste meraviglie, ma se mettesse il procedimento per farli ne beneficererebbero un pò tutti..

    • This is a pretty poor feature and has pushed me away from youtube. There is a site that allows no length limits for videos and has a great video player that streams continously. Check it out w w w dot iklipz dot com. Great embedded player as well.

    • É acho que não. Irei com o visto de estudante, meu I-20 chegou, já paguei a taxa SEVIS, só falata prencher o DS160, mas aí eu fiquei na dúvida em relação a isso. Muito Obrigada! =)

    • Bonjour Fanette et les enfants.Bien contents d’avoir fait un tour de la ville avec vous. Même si nous connaissons beaucoup de grandes villes dans le monde, celle-ci parait un peu effrayante comparée à Rochefort du Gard..bravo pour ton espagnol et nous attendons la photo du capitaine Hadock…Bises à tous

    • jedné stranÄ› nádherná zelená krajina pokrytá rýžovými poli: velké prostory klidu, […] Celý článek « KÅ™ivda a nespravedlnost var sklikData = { elm: "sklikReklama_12804",

    • E’ la prima cosa che pensai quando vidi javascript e tante altre nuove opzioni su AR8: i pdf saranno veicoli di virus. E infatti.Mi stupisce che i virus siano arrivati solo ora. Me li aspettavo molto prima. Ma forse è solo mia ignoranza.

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      Hey Dr Deb!I love that stuff too. I didn’t know about the static shapes though. I guess it’s probably like many things, where we only know what it is or what we think of it by comparing it with our own life experiences? On the picture with the face/word. I tilted my head, and then saw the word 🙂 Good news on CNN, Tsunami Warning CANCELLED!!! Good news indeed!!!Love to read your stuff 🙂 Angel (again)

    • Just the type of insight we need to fire up the debate.

    • Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. 🙂

    • That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

    • Rhhhoooo ils sont trop choux !!! Ça respire la complicité et la joie de vivre …. :)) Tip top famille (même si je ne connais pas le papa) Vous pouvez être fières de vous les girls

    • Hi hi, cool, contente que ça te plaise, bientôt je vous montre comment faire avec des ciseaux, là ton homme va être moins content! lolBises

    • Such a wonderful thing you've done for your community! I always make a point to buy something nice for the local Toys for Tots collection, but I see how much others (like you) give back and it blows me away and makes me feel like I should be doing more.

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    • I literally jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

    • No question this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

    • Still, "you and me" vs "you and I" is the one that sends me into a blind rage. I can't believe that I have to explain to grown people that sometimes "you and me" is correct.That goes for all variations where the wrong case is used. The other day a friend told me, "Todd rode to the festival with Steve and I." I wanted knock him over the head with an English textbook.

    • Wow, Margaret, thanks for commenting. That Lives Lived piece was one of the most important pieces of writing (to me) that I’ve written. I think I’m going to go reread it now.You made me smile.

    • Pai da…dar sunt multi oameni superficiali care cred ca sensul unor cuvinte se rezuma strict la intelesul de dictionar. Dar citatele vor sa transmita un mesaj pe care trebuie sa’l intelegi, e ceva mai subtil. In ceea ce priveste scoala, ai dreptate. Bucata aia de carton, notele mari nu reprezinta nimic! Cand vei iesi in lume vei fi ultimul prost pentru ca altii vor sti sa se descurce! Foarte bun articolul:DÃŽÅ£i place? 0

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    • Ha ha yeh you don't have to wait five minutes like in the films do you? As I commented on your last post, we found out at 13 wks – the test changed AS I pee'd on it, I was so shocked and shaking. I expected to sit about chewing my nails waiting for it to change 🙂

    • I’m a big fan of Hooper. In interviewing him, it was interesting to learn that Burt Reynolds was really the reason he got to direct. Needham was the first stunt man turned coordinator who was able to become a director. That was because Reynolds wanted him to direct Smokey.Needham was also (and still is) one tough cowboy.

    • Dette sÃ¥ da riktig sÃ¥ deilig ut. Herlig med slike utedager – og det finnes jo som kjent ikke dÃ¥rlig være…, bare dÃ¥rlig klær… Er det ikke sÃ¥nn… ;)Takk for utfordringen. Glemte den helt bort i dag nÃ¥r jeg laget et nytt innlegg… Skal prøve Ã¥ huske pÃ¥ den neste gang:)Ha en super uke i snøkavet. Kanskje vi endelig kan fÃ¥ skikkelig skiføre her igjen. Det hadde vært toppers!:-)

    • As soon as I originally left a comment I clicked on the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and currently each time a remark is added I get 4 messages with the same comment.

    • Na, ich hoffe du hast den Prüfungsstress bald hinter dir! Drück auf jeden Fall mal die Daumen! Und schön, dass du mitgemacht hast :).<3

    • Posted on June 6, 2012 by I guess that’s the big problem, Erin–they read these books and equate them to reality even though they know they are fiction. Romanticizing rape, abuse and anything else that belittles women is NOT OKAY EVER. EVER. Yes, tell the hard stories–but show girls and women alike it’s not RIGHT.

    • Love your new blog Nikki! I remember when you shared the idea of it with me over lunch in Pittsburgh. That lunch and your visit changed my life in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have you as a leader on my amazing journey to freedom. Thank you!

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    • Dear Crystal and family,I’m thankful that I was able to meet you and share a little time together while Dane and Halden were with Caine. I know that my son loved Caine and had true compassion for him. My soul aches for your family’s loss yet I rejoice in Caines freedom. Fondly,Kim Lacey — Kim Lacey

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    • i use the photo of biscuit on my desktop, the look on his little face when he is looking at the candles is priceless, i am so sadened by his loss, everyone was trying their best to help him, and i think he touched many people around the world and brought people together, just a lovely little furry kitten trying to survive, a shame, very sad

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    • That would be true if there had been a defined Devo Max option for the people (and indeed the politicians) to consider. Right now, without one, there’s no sense that the people who polled in favour of it agree on what it means. One paper recently asked “what more powers?” and the most common answers were the already-devolved health and education. Some people had a passionate idea what they wanted, but precious few, and many of those ticks in the Devo Max column were basically don’t knows.

    • My hat’s off to you trying to pack and chase kiddos around. Moving sucks and it’s hard to be a mom, pack up a household, and keep a shred of normalcy going so you don’t go completely out of your mind.

    • Hi Last Anon: Thanks for the comment.Previous Anon: I’m not sure what the connection was supposed to be between GOOG/YHOO and iPhone. What’s the story? Was Terry supposed to be at the launch?

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    • Let me echo Bernadine’s comments. I am so impressed with Maurice and Elaine’s work. I work in the hospitality industry and have a caustic eye as it relates to photograohy and videography and I saw some of their work on the Dromoland Castle Facebook page and sent the link to Bernadine and she loved it just as I did…Well done guys-you do absolutely amazing work! Sonya Grogan.

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    • Well for Perry to say it's a distraction is ridiculous. He should have taken a note from the Donald when he sky-rocketed in the polls after goading Obozo on the BC issue. And damn wouldn't we ALL like to see those college records of Obozo??? Guarantee he got foreign aid and that's the main reason he won't show them. Of course the other reason is that he got crappy grades, because he's an idiot.

    • So what is the fourth quest? Is it all this orality nonsense? May be it should not be a search for the illusive Jewish Jesus but for a real Jew, for example, referred to as a prophet in the Gospel of Judas. His name appears in various anachronistic interpolations in writings attributed to Josephus, and he was ‘replaced’ in his position of leadership after ‘falling’.

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    • i'm with reinhart. i believe one of the reasons he might still be interested in hiding that birth certificate it is because of the religion part in it. i'm guessing, as many are, he was registered as a muslim d00d.but, apart of the birth certificate thing, i'm more interested in how he entered in pakistan when no american citzens were allowed. and even more interested in the guys who funded his harvard education. that kind of stuff.

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