“5 Ways To Generate More Visitors To Your Website, More Customers To Your Business And More Profits In Your Pocket”


QuantumLinx is an online search marketing specialist whose focus is on generating customers for local businesses.


Our work continues to generate and grow the collective profits of our clients 24/7, like clockwork, and is now well into the tens of millions each year.

With the benefit of 7 dedicated specialists for each client account, no minimum commitments, 7 years and $853,346 worth of investment in tested online strategies, here are, in summary, the top 5 ways we have been able to achieve such profit erupting results:


  1. A Highly Targeted SEO Campaign with Google Maps Optimisation: We utilise our unique SearchBird system to deliver highly targeted organic traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN to your site. This one system account for over 90% of the total revenue we generate for our clients.
  2. Compelling Advertising Copy: We skillfully position your product and advertising to help you get more customers without spending an extra cent on your advertising.
  3. A Highly Optimised Sponsored Links Campaign: We deliver highly targeting organic traffic with extensive Google advertising testing to compel people to visit your site at a potential cheaper price than your competitors.
  4. Online Space Advertising: We research and find websites which contain your target audience and create compelling space advertising to generate traffic back to your site.
  5. Advanced Taguchi Testing: We test every idea and combinations of ideas we think are great to turn more of your website’s visitors into customers.


To learn how you can generate more customers to your business through our proven methods of online advertising and to take advantage of our results based offer, call us directly on 1300 891 181 or fill out your details in the form above.